Voter Fraud 101

by Tom O'Halloran

In an attempt to “update the Voting Rights Act”, Obama pushes for a newfound agenda, one that will continue to allow voter fraud at the polls

Submitted by: Veronica Coffin

p040714ps-0221-1560x690_cBy Shepard Ambellas

NEW YORK, NY — A popular civil rights organization, Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN), held a staged press spectacle Friday in which President Barack Obama spoke in an attempt guard a globalist loophole. In fact, the loophole allows undocumented citizens to cast their votes at the polls, leaving the doors wide open for voter fraud as it has for years.

During the speech the President bedazzled the crown with false truths, using well thought out and tactical speaking mannerisms to gather steam.

Also giving presentations were the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In the speech Obama detailed the need to raise minimum wage, grabbing some applause from the crowd as he went on the push other agendas. Obama even poked fun at the birther issue saying, ”Just to be clear I know where my birth certificate is, but a lot of people don’t. Do you remember that, that was some crazy stuff. I haven’t thought about that in a while”.

However, during the speech the President pushed for support saying, “We know we have got more work to do. [...] the question becomes how do we actually make these changes?”. Obama then transitioned into his following talking points, mainly regarding “equal rights” and voter fraud, further twisting words to maximize the outcome.

“You would think there would not be an argument about this anymore [...] but the right to vote is being threatened today”, Obama stated, as the establishment seeks to ensure that voter fraud can actually continue. In fact, later in the speech Obama openly called for voters to remain undocumented, saying, “We can’t use citizenship as an excuse for people to not participate”.

“Fifty-years ago we put laws in place [...] to make our democracy truly mean something [...] Out of 197 million votes [...] only 40 votes were indicted for fraud. So let’s be clear, the real people trying to commit voter fraud are the people trying to prevent us from voting.”, Obama continued on to rally the crowd, garnering laughter and applause from his mistruths.

According to NAN, others in participation were:

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack; First Lady of New York City Chirlane McCray; MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews, Joy-Ann Reid and Krystal Ball; Wendy Williams “queen of all media”; the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis; parents of Sandy Hook shooting victim Ana Marquez-Greene; Harvard University Professor Dr. Charles Ogletree; NBC News legal analyst and author Lisa Bloom; William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr., Esq.; Essence Magazine notables Michelle Ebanks and Susan Taylor; Viacom’s Marva Smalls; The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel; actor Malik Yoba; leading members of Congress and many more. Executives from corporations such as: AT&T, Bank of America, Comcast, CVS, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Nielsen, Time Warner, and Verizon will also be joining various panels. Mega real-estate developer Bruce Ratner will address a special plenary discussing his support of minimum wage.

The bottom line is, the more undocumented voters there are at the polls, the more potential for fraud there is. Not to mention the fact that Diebold voting machines are capable of being hacked. In fact, Brad Friedman reporting for Salon on Sept. 27, 2011 wrote:

Voting machines used by as many as a quarter of American voters heading to the polls in 2012 can be hacked with just $10.50 in parts and an 8th grade science education, according to computer science and security experts at the Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. The experts say the newly developed hack could change voting results while leaving absolutely no trace of the manipulation behind.

“We believe these man-in-the-middle attacks are potentially possible on a wide variety of electronic voting machines,” said Roger Johnston, leader of the assessment team “We think we can do similar things on pretty much every electronic voting machine.”


Is The USA Breaking Up?

by Tom O'Halloran

A movement that initially consisted of a few citizens, but now is growing exponentially day-by-day to include twenty-three states, is underway for the States to secede from Barack Obama’s corrupt United States.

Everyday citizens are sickened by the Obama administration’s massive voter fraud, suppression of the military vote, and sabotaging of the voting machines in the recent presidential election.

Everyday citizens in the millions believe that Barack Hussein Obama stole the election.

That he is not the rightful President of the United States.

Will the United States break up? Will the States really secede?

Only time will tell.

“The least we at home can do is to make sure that they are able to enjoy the rights they are being asked to fight to preserve.” (Truman)

How low can you go? If you’re a Democrat, there’s no bottom. Denying America’s finest young people who are fighting for our very way of life their vote is obscene.

The Soldier Voting Scandal
Thursday, July 24, 2008
By Robert D. Novak

Rep. Roy Blunt, the House Republican whip, on July 8 introduced a resolution demanding that the Defense Department do a better job of enabling the U.S. military personnel overseas to vote in the November elections. That act was followed by silence. Democrats normally leap on an opportunity to find fault with the Bush Pentagon. But not a single Democrat joined Blunt as a co-sponsor, and an all-Republican proposal cannot pass in the Democratic-controlled House.

Analysis by the federal Election Assistance Commission, rejecting inflated Defense Department voting claims, estimated overseas and absentee military voting for the 2006 midterm elections at a disgracefully low 5.5 percent. The quality of voting statistics is so poor that there is no way to tell how many of the slightly over 330,000 votes actually were sent in by the absentee military voters and their dependents and how many by civilian Americans living abroad — 6 million in total.

Nobody who has studied the question objectively sees any improvement since 2006, and that is a scandal. Retired U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Charles Henry wrote in the July issue of the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings: “While virtually everyone involved … seems to agree that military people deserve at least equal opportunity when it comes to having their votes counted, indications are that in November 2008, many thousands of service members who try to vote will do so in vain.”

At least!

Henry, now an independent broadcast journalist, has personal experience with this enduring scandal. While serving as a Marine at sea off Iran, he received his 1980 presidential ballot too late to count. President Harry Truman said of troops fighting in Korea, “The least we at home can do is to make sure that they are able to enjoy the rights they are being asked to fight to preserve.” But the U.S. military that has so perfected the art of war over the past half-century is at a loss to enable soldiers to vote.

Source: Atlas Shrugs

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